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What are the precautions for processing porous ceramics?

The porous ceramic material is based on high-quality raw materials such as corundum sand, silicon carbide, cordierite and other high-quality raw materials. It is a porous ceramic material with open pores and high open porosity, which is prepared by molding and special high-temperature sintering processes. High temperature, high pressure, resistance to acid, alkali and organic medium corrosion, good biological inertness, controllable pore structure and high open porosity, long service life, good product regeneration performance and other advantages.

In recent years, with the development of new demands and new technologies, the requirements for porous ceramics have become higher and higher.

The precautions for processing porous ceramics are as follows:

  • Put the porous ceramic plate into the water for five minutes.
  • Ensure the porous plate be full of water to avoid oil contamination permeate into pores.
  • Cut the plate with the blade only, and then grind it with a grinding wheel or grinding head.
  • Do not use oil coolant for the machine, or it will be tough to clean.
  • Clean the plate with neutral detergent by ultrasonic.
  • Dry by airing or electric fan, and then baking under 100℃ for dead dry.