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Introduction for Our New Developed AIN Heaters

The special heaters of Innovacera are flexible in design and can meet different applications requiring different construction methods. This flexibility allows the heater to be configured to a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the application.

We have developed AIN heaters which are using highly heat-conductive AIN, these heaters deliver outstanding temperature consistency through the uniform sintering of resistance-heating elements and significantly reduce metallic contamination and impurities.

The advantage of the AIN heaters:
1. Thermal conductivity equivalent to aluminum for fast and uniform thermal response
2. Watt density higher than any metal or ceramic heater technology for concentrated heat in a small area
3. Integrated RTD sensor for optimum heater temperature control
4. Dielectric strength eliminates the need for magnesium oxide insulation(MgO) layer used in metal heaters
5. Heater temperature up to 1000°C(1832°F) for high-temperature applications
6. Low porosity non-stick surface reduces the potential for process contamination
7. Chemically insert to most acid and alkaline environments
8. High mechanical strength, hardness, and wear resistance for industrial applications

Application of the AIN heaters:
1. Analytical Gas, Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer
2. Clinical Diagnostics Thermal Cyclers
3. Energy Generation Fuel Cell Reformers, Energy Conversion, and conditioning
4. Medical Incubators, Fluid Warmers, Surgical knives
5. Photonics Lasers, Biomedical Optics
6. Electronics Assembly Solder Flow
7. Semiconductor Chemical Vapor Deposition, Plasma Etch, Gas Delivery

If you want to know more about our AIN heaters, please contact us directly.