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Application of aluminum nitride substrate

Aluminum nitride products are attracting more and more attention as a new generation of high thermal conductivity materials due to their superior thermal conductivity, high insulation, and thermal expansion rate close to silicon.


  1. High thermal conductivity: about 7 times the thermal conductivity of alumina
  2. Thermal expansion rate: thermal expansion is close to silicon, and the reliability of the mounting of large silicon wafers and heat-resistant cycles
  3. Electrical characteristics: high insulation, low dielectric coefficient
  4. Mechanical properties: superior to the mechanical properties of alumina
  5. Corrosion resistance: stronger than molten metal corrosion resistance
  6. Purity: low impurity content, non-toxic, high purity


  • High-power transistor module substrate
  • High-frequency device substrate
  • Heat-radiating insulation board for turn module
  • Fixed substrate for semiconductor laser and light-emitting diode
  • Hybrid integrated module, the ignition device module
  • IC package
  • Thermal module substrate
  • Some products for semiconductor production equipment